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Hello Lunatic Macedonian World!

Detail of the painting.
Image via Wikipedia

This blog is a reaction against chauvinists[*] from both countries: Greece and the F.Y.R. of Macedonia; aspiring to expose BOTH. Nevertheless…

  • This new blog’s main (or primary) purpose is not to attack , but to reconcile through creative criticism, political humour and honest discussion; not throwing flames but creating the preconditions for a lasting peace, through mutual understanding and consciousness-raising

[*] At first, the phrase used was “a reaction against nationalists“. Unfortunately however… there are so many nationalists, that it’s only possible to expose the chauvinists (i.e. the most extreme nationalists)!

Here is this blog’s blavatar:


AntiMacedonia BLAVATAR

Here is an alternative “Antimacedonia” blavatar:

Antimacedonia Blavatar

Antimacedonia Blavatar

Dump Alexander where he belongs:

– History Books and… his grave!


(ok, ok, this was a JOKE; don’t get too excited about it… 🙂 )

Now, the second image used in this new blog’s header, the double image of Venus

Bodicellian perversions

Botticellian... perversions!

…is of course based on the detail of an original painting or picture (collage) by a commendable artist, who in turn used Botticelli’s famous painting, “The Birth of Venus”.

The collage-artist’s name I was unable to find (yet) in order to MENTION it with appreciation, respecting his copyrights. So, if anyone finds it, please leave a comment, anywhere in this blog!

Some previous posts and important comments from my main blog (omadeon) may re-appear as new posts, in this blog, as well.

Here are some posts from the other blog that can be considered relevant:

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